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Letter from Mike Peterson

Fall is finally upon us! It is great to connect with our seasonal residents again. We are looking forward to a prosperous winter season and beyond. We are continuing to sign people up to our Maintenance Service Agreements (MSA). People love the peace of mind of having a computer professional always monitoring their system. Windows 10 is dependent on frequent updates to add new features, correct problems, and make it more secure. We install these updates when you are not using the computer, so you can quickly get to business when you sit down at your computer and not have to wait minutes or hours for updates to finish installing. Additionally, our MSA’s come with Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection, which blocks unwanted Malware before you even see it pop up on your screen. But the best part of our MSA’s is the availability of a computer technician to remotely connect to your computer or come to your home or business to resolve any problem, large or small. Please call us for more details.

Announcing Phone, Tablet, and Laptop Screen Repair and Game Console Repair

To provide more services that our customers want and need, we are announcing phone, tablet, and laptop screen repair and game console repair. We have purchased the equipment and have been perfecting our skills and are now ready to offer this service to our customers. We offer a 1-year hardware warranty on all our parts! Please call us if you have any questions.

New Workshop Hours

Effective 11-01-2018, our new hours are Monday - Friday, 9AM - 5PM and Saturday by appointment. This does not mean we won’t be working after hours on your in-shop and on-site repairs. It just means we will not be regularly staffing the workshop after 5pm.

New Labor Rates

We are simplifying our labor rates from 9 options down to 4.  We have implemented the following labor rates effective 11-01-2018 .


Standard: $99/hour, 5-7 business days

Expedited: $149/hour, 2-3 business days

Priority: $199/hour, 1 business day

Remote: $40/30-minutes, calls are queued